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Who we are Focus Clubhouse

Focus Clubhouse is a free Acadiana based membership community where people living with mental illness can focus on leading personally satisfying and productive lives through positive socialization with their peers.

Members are treated as equals, not patients, sharing ownership and responsibility for the success of the Clubhouse. They work together in an empowering environment, partnering with a small staff where the focal point relies on building their strengths. Healing and development are achieved in the clubhouse through building meaningful relationships while exploring work and educational opportunities, which are proven to be restorative and provide a firm foundation for growth, dignity, and individual achievement.

Our Mission

Focus Clubhouse’s mission offers people living with mental illness opportunities for friendship & the resources to find employment, housing, education, medical and psychiatric services in a single caring, and safe environment. This social and economic inclusion reverses the alarming trend of higher suicide, hospitalization, and incarceration rates associated with mental illness.

Our Vision

When adults with mental illness join Focus Clubhouse they gain the confidence and skills needed to rejoin the community with dignity and purpose. 

Our History Focus Clubhouse

Clubhouse International is a membership organization representing more than 300 locally managed Clubhouses in nearly 40 US states and more than 30 countries on 6 continents. It began in 1948 in a New York psychiatric hospital where patients would meet informally, much like a “club.” It developed into an organization called Fountain House that acted as a support system rather than a treatment program and is used as the model for each new clubhouse that is created. To ensure success, Clubhouse International created standards that act as a bill of rights for members and a guide for managing the organization. A clubhouse must meet all 37 standards in order to become accredited by Clubhouse International. 

Focus Clubhouse is the first and only clubhouse located in Louisiana. It began when Brian Boswell, the founding member, attended Key Clubhouse when he was living in Miami. It was there that he found a sense of self worth and felt like he fit in. His experience there helped him so tremendously that he felt compelled to open a clubhouse in Louisiana. 

Our Staff & Members



Founder / Director



Founding Member




We are always looking for enthusiastic and flexible volunteers. Whether you have a specialty you believe would be of benefit to our organization or you just want the opportunity to give back, we would love to meet you!