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People living with mental illness discover connection, community, and purpose with Clubhouse membership. It’s this sense of belonging that saves lives. At Focus Clubhouse, we bring community to people with mental illness – and with your gift, you do, too!


Provides lunch for a member for 2 weeks


Provides support for 1 member for 1 day


Provides Uber transportation to and from the Clubhouse for 1 member for 1 month 


Provides support for 1 week (5 days)


Provides support for 1 member for 2 weeks (10 days)

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Become a Member Focus Clubhouse

Membership Includes

  • A safe place to gather with peers for social support
  • The opportunity to develop skills for productive daily living
  • Assistance in exploring educational and employment opportunities
  • A positive vision of hope for those who feel “lost”

Membership Eligibility

    • Must be at least 18 years of age
    • Have a history of mental illness