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About us Focus Clubhouse

Focus Clubhouse will be open to any adult who has a diagnosis of mental illness. There is an application process and membership is strictly voluntary.

The daily activity of a Clubhouse is organized around a structured system called a work-ordered day. This is an eight hour period, usually Monday through Friday, which parallels the working hours of the business community. During this time, members and staff work together as colleagues to carry out the tasks involved in running a Clubhouse. Members volunteer to participate according to their individual interests. Clubhouse work units include cooking and cleaning, gardening, fundraising, research, assisting each other with housing, outreach, new staff orientation, assistance with education, administering the employment programs, planning social activities, intake and orientation of new members, evaluation of Clubhouse effectiveness and outreach.

Some of our basic components are:

  • Culinary Unit
    In our Culinary Unit, we provide a daily lunch for Members. This lunch includes a drink and is a minimal cost of $2.00. The Culinary Unit also goes over food safety and sanitation, inventory, meal planning, and cooking techniques. When the Club opens for an 8-hour day, breakfast will be available along with mid-day snacks.  
  • Member Services Unit
    The Member Services dedicates their Unit to clerical and administrative duties. This includes data entry, answering phones, sorting mail and filing, along with being the Clubhouse welcome crew. The Member Services will also oversee our upcoming newsletter.  
  • Resources & Advocacy Unit
     The Resources & Advocacy Unit oversees our housing assistance department, financial services such as assisting with filing taxes and money management as well as care coordination. As part of our care coordination, we assist members in finding disability and SSI attorneys. Our care coordination also follows up with our Members to ensure they are taking medications as prescribed. Should we note an issue, we address this with them and assist them in contacting their provider.  
  • Reach Out Unit
     When members are absent or unable to attend, Clubhouse peers will contact them to offer support and remind them that they are missed. The Reach Out Unit and Socialization Unit encompass all Members. 
  • Socialization Unit 
    Regular activities are planned for members on random evenings and holidays to foster friendship and a sense of belonging.  The latest adventure has been a boat ride on the Vermilion River. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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